She appears in a paper form in Mega Paper Mario: The Dark Fairy Chamber where she is on her own adventure with a 5-year-old child, named Tommy as her primary partner of the game. After she escapes being kidnapped in the Brains Fortress, she goes on an adventure to find her friends and boyfriend. She is the love interest of Luigi, who she deeply loves.

Princess Daisy
Voiced by: Deanna Mustard
Likes: Luigi, Tommy, Princess Peach, Mario, boyish stuff
Dislikes: Bowser, Braineact, Brains

Role in Mega Paper Mario: The Dark Fairy ChamberEdit

She appears in the game, as the brave princess. After completing Chapter 1, it's time for Daisy to be playable. She then wakes up in the middle of no where. She finds a child that's five years old, but he is active to fight. She then takes him with her, and acts as a mother-fugure towards Tommy; in an nice way. Princess Daisy is also the main love interest of Luigi, she has a strong love for him as well as him. Every time she writes an email to Mario and co. she says something romantic to him.

Daisy is motherly, a go-getter, a major tomboy, and active to fight in battle against enemies with Tommy along her side.

After chapter 11, it is reveal why the Brains really need her, when the Brains finally caught Daisy, and Tommy (to used Daisy as a vessel to be possess by the Dark Fairy Queen). After the fight, Braineact launches an attack to trapped Daisy; however, Tommy jumps in front of Daisy, and takes the shoot, being trapped in an energy field being hurt inside. Daisy, shock, tries to release Tommy using her Flower Hammer, but it doesn't work. Before being kidnapped, Daisy writes her final e-mail to Mario and co. but is half cut by Braineact and grabs Daisy to the Dark Fairy Chamber in a planet, while Tommy's send to The Brains' Fortress.