Bloom the Crazee Dayzee


Is one of Mario, Luigi, and Peach's partners who is the tenth and final partner on their quest to look for Daisy. She is a child (like Mario's partner's) and said by her parents, she is revealed to be seven.

Ablities, HP, FPEdit

Her abities are said to be cute and styling;

  • Tackle
  • Lullaby
  • Heal (7 FP)
  • Flower Beam (8 FP)

Personality and CharactersEdit

Bloom is childish and quite playful, who enjoys the company of others. She is very cute, and consider to be the third cutest of Mario, Luigi, and Peach's partner behind Poppy and Goomtina. She likes to spent her freetime outside, that's where Mario and co. found her. Bloom is very bubbly and cheerful. She is nice, sweet, good, and naive. Like many Crazee Dayzee, she enjoys singing which makes people around her fall asleep.

She then decided to leave her parents, and help Mario and friends find Princess Daisy, and find out the mystery of the Dark Fairy Chamber. Bloom loves flowers as well as Poppy. Bloom is active to fight.

Role in Mega Paper Mario: The Dark Fairy ChamberEdit

Her role is to be one of Mario, Luigi, and Peach's partner. Bloom, at her home Town, Happy Meadows, she was playing outside her house when Mario and co. came along. She then went out of the bushes when she saw then and then played "peek-a-boo" in front of them. After being invited in her parents' house, she guides them where is the Crystal Mirrors is. She is Mario and co.'s partner who puts enemies to sleep, with her Lullaby move.

After Ham's attempts of stealing the Crystal Mirrors, Mario, Luigi, and Peach were the only ones' to escape the cage due to their paper powers, and Bloom didn't have that move yet. Inorder to get Bloom out the cage Mario, Luigi, Peach and partners needn't to find some way to get out. After learning the super ground-pound move from Toadette, they break the cage floor which then Bloom escaped out of, and reunite with Mario and co. After the chapter's done, Bloom decides to stay with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and partners to save Princess Daisy.

Bloom, along with the other partners, they witness Daisy turnning into the Dark Fairy Queen, the demonation that destroyed lands a million years ago. After the battle, she goes where the sercet area that was the true sercet of The Dark Fairy Chamber. At the games 3 Endings: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, she is now in peace. In the games Part 3 ending, when Luigi, Princess Daisy, and Tommy visit in Happy Meadows, it's revealed her town about to throw a party and wants Mario and the others to join in.